Easy Money with Google AdSense

Can we make money with Google AdSense?

Making money with AdSense is becoming easier than it's ever been before - and it is legal. Its not a gamble and there is no deposit takings. Its no need for you to put some money in advance or pay any registration fees to join Google AdSense.

AdSense program had been avaiable since year 2000.

How do Google get the money to pay all those people? The answer is very simple. Google is a business entity. They earns most of its revenue by allowing other website owners to advertise on their search result pages. Google.com managed these through a program they call AdWords. Now Google are letting people like us to earn a share of that revenue by placing the same text ads on our website. Why Google pay the website owner? The answer is simply because the website ownre are helping Google to advertise. What Google pay you is a percentage of what they earn from that advertising. Simple and logic, right?

AdSense is not a 'make-money-using-internet' scams. It pays based on works that you put through your website. The more you work, the better you might get payment in return.

But money don't come to you that easy. You still have to own a website, create a usefull pages, and learn how to bring traffic to your site in order to make good money. You cannot use this program on a free website. This is because the website that offer you the free spaces already has their own product to advertise on that free pages.

It is wrong to say that you can get money from AdSense program by doing nothing. There is no such thing as 'free money'. Actually, what you get from AdSense is through your efforts. The more you work, the more you might get.

To me, AdSense is good because its free, no paperworks, no need to see any boss for approval, and I can have a multiple websites. Google did not put a limit to a one-website-per-account only. The most interesting thing is there is no limit to the amount that I can earn.

However, not everybody join Google AdSense program. Some of them simply don't know anything about AdSense. Some peole or companies don't want to put advertisement in their sites. Fair enough. They are the owner of the website and they can decide anything as they wish. But to me, AdSense program is just too good of an opportunity to pass up. To most people that I know, they gained enough from AdSense to at least to have enough fund to pay for their webhosting. Most people start AdSense as a hobby and then later they become more serious when they get a really good returns of income.

Steps to join Google AdSense?

This is what you must do to join the AdSense program. First, of course, you must have a website, or a site that you can manage a page in it. Blog is an example of a free website that you can put some advertisement there including the Adsense advertisement. See here for simple reading about blog.

Second, you must register with AdSense program. Wait for Google.com to reply or approve your application. It take some time though.

Once approved, select a page in your website, go to AdSense page, create an Ad, get a code. All this things can be done by a simple clicks here and there in the AdSense page.

Then, copy the code to your page. Your job is done.

After that, you log in your AdSense account from time to time to check all the statistics and how much you have gain. The Google AdSense page also has ample tutorial, tips and articles to help you along the way.

Personally to me, it is very satisfying to see that you gains some cents everyday. Anyting around $1 a day is good enough to me. Thats counted to $30 a month. I can buy a new thumbdrive with that, or treats my pals for a lunch.

I read here and there that some people are making a lot of money, but I don't believe it. Some good things are too good to be true. I don't think I will quit my present job just because of AdSense. But money, regardless volume, is always good to me.

How to maximize AdSense earnings?

Now this is a very interesting question. Most of the time people will complaints that they only manage a mere 0.20 cents per week, or even per month. There are a lot of website that offer good tips on how to maximize the AdSense earnings.

Use the right ad format and placement
It is very important to use the right Ad Format and Placement (srtategic place in one page) so that people will click on the ads. Huge traffic alone is not important. What important most is, do they click on the ads? There are three tips for you to apply in order to maximize your AdSense click through rates (CTR). 1) Use the one ad format which outperforms the rest by far (normally it's not the one you think). 2) Put your ads in the best location on the page. 3) Use the right color combinations that will keep your visitors from ignoring the ads because of 'banner blindness'.

Have the most valuable keywords to target
The words you choose to use on our AdSense pages are incredibly important. They are important because AdWords advertisers bid on very spesific keywords for their advertisements, and some of those keywords have much higher values than others. If your subject matter is generally the same, but those spesific keywords are not in your page, you will get the lower paying ads showing up in your AdSense blocks. In contrast, if your pages contain the best paying keywords (High EPC) AND you implement the steps necessary to get a great Click Through Rate (High CTR), then AdSense Gold is not too far away. There are some keywords that are so valuable to the advertisers that they are willing to pay $39 per click to get visitors to their website. You could be targeting those keywords and making enormous amounts of money per click.

Have lots and lots of targeted content in page
Writing a content-rich-keyword-targeted articles is important. But do not make a copy of an article from internet to your page. Search engines these days penalize duplicate content. So do not use free articles as your content page. The search engines are going to ignore the content. Only a unique articles will bet indexed and draw traffic from the search engines. Put some related RSS feeds around the content so that you have at least 30%-40% unique content around each article.

How did Google know what to show in Advertisement?
AdSense will serve ads that are generally very relevant to the content of a particular page. I don't how they do this. I think they uses a crawler. That crawler visits the site regularlay and make the indexes.

More tips..

Do not use a blank page to put AdSense. If the page has no content, AdSense will have to guess what is the page is all about. A page with good content will help AdSense to show relevent paying ads.

Search around for tips about AdSense. There are millions of pages about Adsense in internet. Before I wrote this line, I type AdSense in Google Search Engines and in 0.23 seconds, Google produced a list of 39 million links about AdSense! Or, write to Google and ask any question. You may email adsense-tech@google.com for additional technical questions or concerns, or adsense-support@google.com for general program or account questions.

Optimize High Paying Keywords.

Do a research of the best position of AdSense Ads to get a maximum Click Through.

Custom HTML Tags on All Pages.

Make your page a 'Content Rich page', meaning, a page with a lot of contens (search Engines love content).

Use Friendly Layout of Pages, not a messy auto-generated pages.

Use Google Search Box in every article page to generate extra revenue.

Do not click your own AdSense banners / links. It will not do you any good at all. In fact, you might be banned by Google.com. Don't try to trick Google.com. They know it.

Do not hide your AdSense banners. Put it somewhere easy for people to see it.


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