Konsert Keenam Akademi Fantasia 6: Mama Rina Tersingkir

A better concert this week. I do not get the whole joget intro. There are just no co-relations between the opening performance and the whole concert. You know what, I just miss the students walking in a line and introduce themselves and just plainly introduce who they are without the taglines. Less loud, less exaggeration. I swear everytime Stanly comes out I just get so annoyed. In fact I don’t even know what his tagline is. Almost all of them mumbles their tagline. Cuma Nadia...Redah Je yang quite clear.

Regarding the whole Khai-Rosma persandingan, I know some people may feel it was unnecessary, I felt it was okay since they were the first graduate and the only long lasting couple in AF history. And maybe because I was really following AF1 and remembered how sincere, pure and non-glamour seeking the students were in that premier season. Anyway the whole persandingan process would cut out a lot of airtime for AC Mizal....not...darn it...he was still talking.
Looking back at the video montage of Khai and Rosma, it was nice to see those great moments of AF. I still like Khai’s Vida, Aladdin and Dambaan Pilu performance. And I thought Rosma has one of the best vocals. When AC Mizal started talking during the bersanding part, I was so annoyed already. Oh by the way AC mentioned that he has two children already ? Hmmm...interesting...I thought he had more, but anyway Mila’s Selamat Pengantin Baru performance was rather pitchy. She should practiced a lot more or go for vocal classes to maintain her place in the industry. Anyway did you guys see Zarina AF2 in between the audience witnessing the whole persandingan...That was strong of her. So pelamin anganku musnah like that.

About the Alysha clips, I use to think she was cute, now she can be a bit annoying with that over and over repeats of the clips. I don’t blame you Alysha, i blame Astro. Anyway back to the pengkritik, we have Ogy, Adlin Aman Ramly and Adnan Abu Hassan. No one had their period this week and comments were fair. Adnan was the best in terms of giving technical vocal advice.

Regarding the performances, here are my takes based on the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Wait just the Good and the Bad. For the first time, no one gave such a horrendous performance.


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