The Story of Minah Rempit

I was out for a meeting last night. Later I accompanied my friend to Petaling Street for T-shirt hunting. On the way back, we decided to have a small teh tarik session at Suzy’s Corner. Exactly at 12 midnight we parted.

I am known for being notorious on the road, but that wasn’t the case today, I’m driving a Perodua Kelisa. I took my own sweet time, driving leisurely as the junction to my house gets closer and closer until a mat rempit took a dangerous turn. He almost banged my car. I yelled at him :vangry: . Of course, I don’t think he can hear it. Down the road, I saw a girl weeping and howling, I know for sure she’s no ghost, or so I thought.

I stopped and rolled down my window. I asked her what happened. She didn’t answer. The poor girl kept crying. The outage of light pole in my neighborhood these few days could be much of a help, plus most of my neighbor don’t leave their front porch lights on. It was utter darkness, I could barely see the outfit she was wearing. I was skeptical at the same time being cautious, she could rob me, inject me with HIV, offer drugs or some shit like that. :roll:

“Can you take me home?” The girl asked. “Somewhere around XXX,” she continued. “Sure! Just don’t strangle me”, I replied (she could be a witch or pontianak you know). She obviously didn’t respond to my lame joke. It was late, dark and public transport was already on idle. I couldn’t bare the thought of leaving a girl in such place. Being a gentleman, I handed her a box of tissue (chewah :mrgreen: ). She got into the car and I drove off. She guided me all the way.

The air in the car was pretty dense, she was still weeping and those teary eyes kept flowing endlessly. “I was raped!” out of the blue, she said and continued crying. “We need to get you to a hospital, I’ll call the police and ask them to get a statement from you”. “No, just take me home!”, she yelled at me :!:

I tried to convinced her that the whole process is painless but she shook her head and requested me to send her directly to her house. I didn’t want to ask her any further, I’m sure its quite a truck load to digest that she was a rape victim.

“Mat rempit!”, she started talking again. “Ok, what’s with mat rempit?” I asked. “The one that almost banged you was the one. We had ‘it’ and he was about to send me home, until he kicked me off the bike.” “Are you hurt anywhere?” me being concerned. “Nope.” “We still need to get you to hospital or a police station. Don’t worry, I’ll accompany you throughout the whole process,” I told her :?:

“Please don’t. It was my fault to begin with. I got carried away with his empty promises…”, she resisted. She then continued with how she met him and bla-bla-bla. I didn’t want to advise her what’s good or bad, I myself have problems differentiating between those two :eek:

20 minutes later, we got to her apartment. I asked her, one last time for hospital or police station. She shook her head. “Listen, I don’t have any money or anything valuable on me now. I’ll do anything to repay you.”, she said while placing a firm grip on my thigh, signaling for sex. :roll: “Girl, go home and study”, I replied, lifting her hands off of me. I don’t fling that way :up:

I accompanied her to the elevator. “Are you sure you’re okay?”, I’m annoyed myself about the ‘are-you-ok’ questions I kept asking her. “I’ll be fine.” she said and gave a warm smile. “What’s you’re name?”, she asked. I smiled and replied, “Noktah Hitam“. “What kind of name is that?”, the elevator door closed. I head back home and kept telling myself, a beauty like that was no ghost :twisted:

What a waste. She has the looks to pop any eyeball, and yet, she became a pride less minah rempit. I feel sorry for her. Was it the way she was brought up, her circle of friends or the bigger system? Either way, I’m glad I did my part :evil: . I hope she learned her lesson :oops:


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