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Also called 'TV Tiga' (its name in Malay ), it began broadcasting in the Klang Valley , (the area surrounding Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia's largest city) on June 1 , 1984 . It soon increased coverage nationwide, and today can be received in neighbouring countries, either as a terrestrial channel or via satellite . In Singapore , the channel ran into controversy because it broadcast programmes in Cantonese . The Singapore government prevented local newspapers and magazines from carrying listings for the channel, even though these were available for the other Malaysian channels, and TV3 is not available on StarHub , Singapore's only cable TV operator.

In July 1984 , TV3 brought Malaysians live coverage of the Los Angeles Olympics , the first station in the country. This boost in popularity led to its listing on the Main Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange in April 1988 .


Ever since its launch, TV3 has been the leading television station in Malaysia and has twice reached 51% of audience share ( January 12 - 18 , 2003 and June 29 - July 5 , 2003 ), the highest audience share ever achieved by a Malaysian television station. In terms of advertising revenue, the company retains its leadership position and continues to produce strong revenue growth from advertisements. TV3 continues to upgrade its equipment for production and transmission, and its employees receive continuous exposure and training in television production. This has enabled TV3 to remain as the premier private commercial broadcaster.

TV3, together with 8TV and local English daily the New Straits Times and Malay daily Berita Harian form the largest media group in Malaysia, collectively known as Media Prima . It is currently headed by Ahmad Izham Omar.

With Malaysia on the track to economic recovery , there has been a correspondingly steady demand for local programmes , whether it be news , current affairs , magazines , talk shows , sports , documentaries , dramas or films . With a strong base of television producers have revolutionized local content production to admiral levels in the broadcast industry. The station has been a trendsetter by producing quality local production and has caught the attention and loyalty of Malaysians. Believing in the precept that local content is the way to go, TV3 continues to invest in people and equipment to produce quality local content. However, the station also broadcast a balance of quality foreign content movies , dramas, situation comedy, documentaries and sports. The station has a strong market position and reinforces its brand awareness amongst its viewers through various on air and ground events.

TV3 currently broadcasts under UHF (Ultra High) Frequency, although it is also available in the Klang Valley under VHF (Very High) Frequency band III Channel 12 (TV3 initially started transmission in the Klang Valley on VHF Band III Channel 12). In the Klang Valley, the UHF channel is 29.It is widely seen as favouring the government and not giving enough coverage for the opposition.

TV3 is also available over Astro on Channel 103.


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