Video & gambar Kumpulan Hujan kena f*ck di Johor Bahru

My friend send email to me about Band Hujan Has be F*ck with visitor there? What is going on, below is review from the email i receive.

I got this new yesterday from AzizulHakim at my Indiemusik blog. Im not gonna blog about this fuking thing at my indiemusik blog because this is a really fuked up & embrassing matter to our local ndependent music industry. This thing was happen on Art of Noise Fest in Johor Bahru last Saturday (19/4/08). As far as i know, there’s 17 bands will perform that day including HUJAN.

Hujan only performed one song for that day which is “AKU SCANDAL” from check2rock2 EP. But amazingly, some of the crowd going wild and showed up their middle finger which known resembaled for word “F*CK!”. Not enough by showing their middle finger, they also keep shouting and yelling “FCUK YOU!” from beginning to the end of “AkuScandal” song. You can see clearly their fagg0t act at the video below:

Embrassing right? They also keep showing up the official t-shirt of Hujan which already modifiede into “HUJANjing” which meant “Hujan Anjing”. Wtf?.
I follow the comments that is appeared at Little Miss Eezah blog which began popular after that incident because she/he is the first one that blogged about this thing. From what i know, this things happen because of some missconflict between Hujan vocalist which is Noh Salleh that has made a clear announcement about sensitive issues on gay and homo people at a gig in MMU Melaka last year according to one of this post from RiceCooker. It is something like this:

“aah yang lembut lembut tu boleh keluar tk pyh tgk gig kitorang ekk”, Noh HUJAN.

Sort of something like that. Just read the comment at Little Miss Ezzah blog. For me, i am a homophobic (phobia of the homo people) too. I have already known about this anti-Hujan community quite a long time ago. Hentikan lah oke ! Read this.

Actually this is a small community that dislikes Hujan band just because Hujan is a homophobic band. They do have a myspace account a long time ago but then it’s already disappeared maybe because somebody already report about it. Just visit this.

Some of them say that Hujan already become too arrogont and high-demanding band. Im not really sure about this. But just dont give a fcuk about this. Yes, i am one of Hujan fanatic or so-called Raingers because i am supporting our local music industry. Let support our small local scene. Dont be a slave, let’s free out yourself from other. Kalau tak sampai bila nak maju. Lu pikir lah sendiri!!

Mainstream pegi mati - antara kata-kata yang dilemparkan oleh crowd


Hai & Salam,

Good post... and wuldlike to rrepost this article on my blog ()... if there any objection let me know!

thanks & regrds
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Hai & Salam,

Good post... and wuldlike to rrepost this article on my blog (Absolute Alternative )... if the any objection let me know!

joe of Absolute Alternative

sorry for error,

Lagu tak ngam with audience kene Fuck la.. next time tengok muka crowd dulu, nak ke tak nak dierang dengar num. yang korang nak main.. or those people memang bukan minat musik.

macam mana orang melayu nak maju?
pantang tengok bansa sendiri maju dah mula nak cemburu!!aku lihat melayu semakin layu!!!

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