Marshanda Miniskirt

No doubt, miniskirt will make girl more feminine and sexy. Miniskirt will make your legs look longer and thinner. Especially a girl like Marshanda.

You also will get more comments and attention when you wear a mini. People will have a look at your skirt and great legs. But you will take risk if you a celebrity, your "peha mulus” will be a great object to shot and share. So if you don’t want your body being exposed by reporter then don’t you ever ever wear a miniskirt. Did Marshanda aware her beautiful thigh was shot or not.

Geram lah pulak tengok peha dia nie.. ini nak promosi orangnya atau peha nya yek :)


sexy ke pelakon cite soleha tu...

wow!!!! seksinye blk0n sejuta cinta marshanda pakai semua tutup....

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seksinya,nampak peha putih tu..smsa berlakon tdk bergini pun...?

dahlah pakai skirt,duduk mcm tu lagi.apa tidak nmpk peha yg mulus itu

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