Manohara didera - Fitnah atau realiti

MANOHARA menunjukkan telefon bimbit BlackBerry yang mempunyai gambar-gambar dia didera pada satu sidang akhbar di Jakarta malam kelmarin.
kes penderaan Manohara oleh kerabat diraja Kelantan menjadi isu hangat yang melibatkan dua negara. Sedangkan isu kononnya pencerobohan tentera Malaysia di Pulau Ambalat masih panas lagi.

Walau bagaimana pun kes dera Manohara menimbulkan pelbagai spekulasi dan keraguan lebih-lebih lagi selepas Manohara dikatakan berhibur di Pulau Bali selepas lari melalui Singapura.

Gambar Manohara dan bekas teman lelakinya yang bernama Ryan ketika di Singapura menjadi tandatanya sehingga dikata oleh blogger Indonesia sendiri kes Manohara seperti "drama".

Walau bagaimana oleh kerana kes ini menjadi kes Polis baik saya tidak berani komen apa-apa.
We've all heard that stress is a killer, but did you know that you can fight stress just by eating the right foods? The foods we eat every day have an effect on our ability to deal with stress. Some foods increase the severity of our stress, while others help us roll with life's punches. Foods and drinks that stimulate the body might be useful on a short-term basis, but their long-term consequences are quite serious. Let's take a look at some of the most common foods and drinks and how they affect our stress levels.

Caffeine: A Powerful Stimulant

Caffeine addiction is common. We consume caffeine through coffee, tea, sodas, and even chocolate. In moderate doses, caffeine is a good mental enhancer that speeds up the heart rate and makes you feel more awake and alert. But in large quantities, caffeine takes a heavy toll on the human body. Not only does excessive caffeine consumption make you jittery and anxious, it can also increase your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, just like chronic stress does.

If you want to reduce your caffeine intake, don't try to go cold turkey. You could end up with fatigue, irritability, and even a migraine. Severe withdrawal symptoms might make you rethink your choice to cut out the caffeine. Instead, try tapering off your consumption by cutting out one or two of your daily caffeinated beverages. The next week, cut out another. You will eventually reduce your intake to your desired level, and your body will benefit.

Alcohol: A Surprising Stimulant

Not many people realize that alcohol acts as a stimulant. Most people drink it for its short-term relaxing effect. But alcohol actually stimulates the adrenal glands. Since these glands regulate our reaction to stress, overstimulation results in sleeplessness, anxiety, and volatile mood swings. A small amount of alcohol can actually promote heart health, but too much can cause fat deposits to build up in the heart. Excessive drinking can also compromise your general health by weakening your immune system and your liver's ability to filter toxins.

Smoking: A Deadly Coping Strategy

Smokers like to unwind with a cigarette at the end of a stressful day. But the instant gratification is short-lived, and they soon crave another dose of nicotine to calm down again. When you look at the long-term consequences of smoking - lung disease, heart disease, and cancer among them - you can see why they're not a good coping mechanism.

Sugar: An Empty Rush

Sugar gives us a quick surge of energy by causing a spike in our blood sugar level. The problem is that the energy surge doesn't last very long, and it's followed by a crash that leaves us tired and irritable as our glucose levels plummet. Plus, sugar doesn't nourish the body.

Blood sugar levels should be maintained over time by eating healthy carbohydrates, proteins, and unsaturated fats. Too much sugar can lead to unstable glucose levels, overtaxed adrenal glands, bad moods, lack of mental focus, and even diabetes.


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