Lady Gaga Falls off Piano During Houston Concert

Lady Gaga has had a bad fall during his concert in Houston, Texas, on Sunday, but the "Bad Romance singer was able to continue without missing a beat.

In performing his song "You and I, Lady Gaga stood with one foot on the piano and one foot on the bench when she lost her balance and toppled the stool, sending him crashing to the ground . Gaga, 25, was somehow able to cling to his microphone and kept lip sync, as if nothing had happened.

A participant said she was "really high and it looked really bad. I just managed to keep the video steady. The crowd everything he saw and I do not think anyone would mind is she left the stage to be examined by doctors. But it was a true professional and jumped back on stage to finish his game before the fans."

It was really amazing and cool.


so funny this lady gaga but still control the song. lol

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